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E-Learn at Code85 Servers provides online information for a variety of topics, including Computer Science and Engineering, Statistics, Information Science and Technology, as well as Mathematics. Included are a variety of programs designed to teach difficult concepts, or to show how a complex solution was found to a problem. Some equations can be used to solve homework problems however this is NOT their intent. Use them to learn how to solve a problem, or to verify a correct answer. Do NOT use the work as your own. Additional information can be found in the Terms of Use.

A variety of programs and their source files are available for download from http://downloads.code85.com. For information regarding current research please visit http://research.code85.com

Computer Science and Engineering

C++ Programming

Creating and Using a Static Library with Microsoft Visual C++ (.pdf)
Integer To String Conversion (.pdf)
String To Integer Conversion (.pdf)

Circuit Designs

1-bit Full Adder (.pdf)

Number Systems

Convert Base 10 Integer to Two's Compliment (Web Based Program)
Convert Base 10 Integer to Unsigned Integer Base 2 (Web Based Program)
Convert Two's Compliment to Base 10 (Web Based Program)
Convert Unsigned Integer Base 2 to Base 10 (Web Based Program)



Standard Normal Distribution CDF Calculator (Web Based Program)
Inverse Standard Normal Distribution CDF Calculator (Web Based Program)

Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

Confidence Interval for the mean of a normal population
1 Sample Hypothesis Test About a Population Mean

ANOVA Testing

Information Science and Technology

Office 2003

Hidden Text in Microsoft Office 2003 (.pdf)
This file describes what hidden text is, as well as how to hide and un-hide text in Microsoft Office 2003.

Office 2007

Outlook 2007 Automatic Downloads (.pdf)


HTML Quick Formatting Guide (.pdf)



Area of A Rectangle Proof (.pdf)
This file provides a proof of the formula for the area of a rectangle by using basic calculus.



Number Theory

Numbers Divisible by 3 (.PDF)

Real Analysis

A Rational Multiplied By An Irrational Is Irrational (.pdf)
Proving a Continuous Function Is Increasing on an Interval (.pdf)
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